(c) 1997 - 2011 CADFEM Limited All rights reserved CAD software (with an emphasis on FEA) We have been using Solid Modelers since the "early days" both as an aid for our FEA work and for clients who want Solid Models building on their behalf. We have extensive experience in cleaning poor CAD geometry and regularly take models from many CAD systems for cleaning. It is still very common to receive CAD data from clients who have tried, unsuccessfully, to create FE models from their in-house CAD data. We have NEVER failed to create high quality FE models from ANY CAD data.  Like the FEA software we use, we have used many systems over the years ranging from 'expensive' systems like I- Deas/ProE/Catia through 'midrange' systems like Inventor/SolidEdge/SolidWorks to 2D tools like AutoCAD. Currently we use the excellent KeyCreator for our CAD cleanup and FEA geometry creation. One of the main reasons for the use of KeyCreator is its fantastic range of surfacing commands (an area where many systems are deficient) As an example, when combined with our in-house software we can take KeyCreator surface models into Femap with all the various plate thickness values assigned saving many hours of tedious work.