(c) 1997 - 2011 CADFEM Limited All rights reserved For more information on Femap go here  Femap is used to create the FE models and view the results of an analysis. However, to perform the actual analysis we could use various solvers, for example, Nastran (For linear static and dynamic analysis) Abaqus (for non-linear static analysis) Dyna (for impact analysis) FEA Software FEA has become 'mainstream' and there dozens of solutions available. As a consultancy we need to constantly evolve and use whatever tool is needed to 'get the job done'. We have used almost all of the main FEA tools over the years and can easily switch from one to the other when required. We use many different software products and create our own where required. Currently, our primary FEA Pre/Post processor is Femap. This is an 'industrial strength' tool and, basically, if it can't be done in Femap then it can't be done! (we have yet to find a job we couldn't tackle)