(c) 1997 - 2011 CADFEM Limited All rights reserved Training For many years we have provided FEA training on or off-site in Basic and Advanced FEA Courses can be tailored to your needs So, why should you take an FEA training course with us?  Attending a CADFEM training course is a very cost efficient way for your employees to become proficient in Finite Element Analysis. Delegates are taken quickly to the point where they can confidently tackle a range of complex 'real- world' problems. Tutors have many years' experience in both FEA and training. We monitor our courses and act on customer feedback to constantly improve and update our courses. At the end of the Course, each delegate is provided with a feedback form to complete at their leisure, and return to us. The feedback form contains 11 key questions that are used to monitor both the tutor and Course. Develop an easy to use program that would perform quality checks on FEA models. But don't take our word for it. Below are some representative comments from past Delegates. An excellent introduction to the software.  Tutor Very helpful and patient.  Very detailed with plenty of examples.  We covered a lot of ground.  I feel I now have a good appreciation of stress analysis using FEA.  The course was very enjoyable and the time went very quickly.  What can I say -- Got what I needed. Thanks  Plenty of depth on the fundamental modelling techniques.  Excellent guidance on the building of effective and efficient models that were correctly constrained and loaded.  Please contact us for more information.